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    I Heart Question Mark | Taylor Swift

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  • Excessive Happiness

    Recently i watched a  movie starring Robin Williams. I’m not really familiar with him but this movie made me like him. It’s full of humor but still it brought me to tears. :’(

    It’s a movie about this guy wanting to help others so he went to a medicine school to be a doctor. And he changed the point of view of that field, but i guess it’s not just that field because it made me realize so many things too. Like it’s not the disease that we should cure but the INDIFFERENCES. This is applicable not just to medicine practitioners but to everyone. Because indifference is everywhere. And that we should not be afraid of death becasue that’s inevitable. All of us will go through that. Why don’t we just focus on improving the quality of life?

    And my favorite lesson is “sometimes, we focus too much on the problem that’s why we don’t see the solutions.” I agree very much on this because i’m an over-thinker. And most of the time i think too much about the problem that i get stuck to it. Maybe we should think out of the box and don’t limit ourselves on anything. Have a heart of a child. A child’s heart is very passionate and faithful. He imagines as if anything is possible and doesn’t think about the limitations. We all need that kind of heart. Really.

    There’s a part in the movie where this guy (his roommate who buries himself with books because he really wants to be a great doctor someday but turns out to be that Patch who seems to be a happy-go-lucky guy gets pass through him when it comes to rankings and he couldn’t believe this that’s why he accused patch is cheating which is not true) in the later part heeds patch from leaving (watch the movie to find out why patch wants to leave :p) and says that he knows every stuff about medicine, how the body works, etc but he can’t make this old lady, a patient of the hospital to eat. Well of course the books don’t teach those, and then he says that patch has this gift. He has a way to people and he don’t have that. That’s when he figures out the reason why he can’t beat patch.

    Not everything can be achieved by acquiring knowledge. Knowledge isn’t enough. You need experience, interaction with other people ETC  and of course faith. Faith on your own dreams, on your own goals. LEARNING CAN’T BE ACHIEVED BY JUST STARING AT THE FOUR CORNERS OF A CLASSROOM, you need to also expose yourself from the real world because the real battle is there


    P.S. may hugot kaya all caps mehehehe :3

    and the title of the movie pala is Patch Adams. Watch it guys, you’ll love it :D

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    My ex-man brought his new girlfriend. She’s like “Oh, my god!” but I’m just gonna shake.

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    • me: i want to talk to you so bad but i'm just gonna sit here in hopes that you start the conversation first.
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  • "A relationship with God is the most important relationship you can have."
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  • Sobrang namiss ko ‘tong mga ‘to, actually may iba pang wala. High School friends are the best talaga. Yung isang buong maghapon ang dami na naming  napag-usapan na kung ano. From kamustahan napunta kay Dr. Jose Rizal hanggang sa kalagayan ng pilipinas. O diba? haha and we never got bored, bitin pa nga. Sobrang ang open ng topics at ng usapan na kahit ano kayang itackle. Plus the masayang foodtrip. And first time nilang pumunta ng bahay haha. Sana maulit! it should.